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Signifies A New Stage Of Development between China and Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur : The Dewan Perniagaan Perindustrian Dan Pelaburan Malaysia- Wuxi China(DPPPM-WC) held a solemn official announcement and president Inauguration ceremony on April 30, 2024, at NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd, marking a significant milestone for the chamber. The event brought together individuals from various sectors of the business community and media representatives to witness the occasion.

During the official appointment signing ceremony, signed by Dr. Mazlan Goh Bin Ahmad Goh, as chairman representing the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Dr. Liu Jun, the appointment certificate issued to Dr. Liu Jun by then, officially appointed him as the President of the DPPPM-WC. This significant appointment signifies a new phase of development for the Chamber. Additionally, in the core member appointment ceremony, Dr. Liu Jun, in his capacity as the Chamber President, personally issued appointment certificate to the Chamber’s core members – Ms. Youya, who will serve as the Executive Vice President-Project Management cum Secretary General, and Ms. Qi Linlin, who will serve as the Executive Director of China- Malaysia Friendship Relations. This moment not only symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter for the DPPPM-WC but also reaffirms the friendly cooperation between China and Malaysia.

This event not only provided an opportunity for communication and understanding within the Chamber but also marked an important moment for exploring cooperation. The Chamber Chairman, Dr Mazlan Goh stated that as an appointed ambassador for friendship exchanges between Wuxi, China and Malaysia by Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, this honor not only recognizes his personal contributions but also affirms the friendly cooperation between the two countries. Therefore, he initiated the establishment of this Chamber and, in early September 2023, began preparations for the Chamber with Dr. Liu Jun, aiming to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in various fields such as technology, economy, trade, culture, education, sports, and youth.

As the dual-core top leaders and co-founders of the Chamber, Dr. Mazlan Goh and Dr. Liu Jun will play crucial roles. Dr. Mazlan Goh will focus on connecting the Chamber with key contacts within the Malaysian government, establishing and maintaining formal contacts between the Chamber and various Malaysian government departments, as well as coordinating other public affairs of the Chamber. Dr. Liu Jun, leveraging his outstanding achievements and rich experience in the business field, will serve as the main liaison between the Chamber and various levels of the Chinese government, establishing and maintaining a strong network of government relations, representing the Chamber in meetings with Chinese government officials, discussing cooperation projects, and exploring new cooperation opportunities.

Dr. Liu Jun is not only a pioneer in X-ray physics technology in China’s high-tech sector but also holds leadership positions in several important organizations, including member of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman of the China Electronic Special Equipment Industry Association, Chairman of the Wuxi Specialized, Refined, Specialized, and New Enterprises Alliance, President of the Wuxi High-end Equipment Industry Promotion Association, Chairman of the China Intelligent Equipment “Double Bay” Industry Alliance, and Chairman of the Jiangsu Electronics Society SMT Professional Committee.

In addition, Dr. Liu Jun is the founder and chairman of the Chinese listed company, Unicomp Technology. On April 25, the opening ceremony of the first overseas production base of Unicomp Technology, which is Ray Tech (Malaysia), was held in Johor, Malaysia. This marks the official production commencement of the first overseas production base of Unicomp Technology, successfully expanding the company into the international market.

For more than ten years, Dr. Liu Jun has been dedicated to serving as an investment promotion commissioner for the Chinese government, attracting more private enterprises to land and invest. The vision of the DPPPM-WC is to establish a closely connected, mutually beneficial platform for business integrity, communication, and exchange between China and Malaysia, promoting the prosperity and development of both countries’ economies. With his rich of experience and extensive network, Dr. Liu Jun will actively promote various cooperation projects of the chamber and contribute to friendship exchanges and cooperation between China and Malaysia.

The successful holding of the Dewan Perniagaan Perindustrian Dan Pelaburan Malaysia-Wuxi China official announcement and president Inauguration ceremony not only signifies a new stage of development for the chamber but also injects new vitality and momentum into the friendly cooperation between China and Malaysia

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